Docetism in Translation

Unending dispassionate involvement with life

Critical crowd control along with docetic roleplaying

You can no longer hurt me now or here

The quivering sobs

The beckoning psalms

Poems jotted down for posthumous display

Translations made for great grandchildren’s children

All meaning hidden in abstraction and absent page numbering

I am the dating itself

Personal metaphysic of the BC to AD

Die down ego so I can sleep at least one night alone

(C) Dru

Jerusalem Destroyer

Lost in the thought train of 3 am
And 2 inch clover crowded space
Among the opaque Poppy press and tipsy snowflakes
Passionate endeavours of the Christ Child
Weaving the scars and stars freshly into place
I behold the agnosia of mystic flame and flow
Alphabet superstar conspiring the Alpha and Omega
Beginning at the last things first
Clearing the way triumphant
Scales from my eyes beholden no longer
Thought inside the void reflected back on self
Confident expressions while being held closely to your breast
Your heart beating shamanic circles all over me
Christ the destroyer Christ the employer of hidden refuge and sages
These are days long since past decoding
Jerusalem has fallen along side Babylon.

(C) Dru

YT Channel

סטרא אחרא

I am shaking from sleep deprivation

Up since 2 am writing a refutation to my philosophy

Full of hallucinations and anxious bites is my trembling breathing

Come from the inside with the flies and spider webs

Create silver pathways

Behold Adam Kadmon, the knocking twisting Neanderthal above all

Conquering cowering fool veiled from the torrents below

Answering the question marks applied to foreheads



Paranoia and the theology of self-abasement.

So drained I can no longer enjoy a night’s rest.

There is joy though in this emptiness , an expectation, an event.

A longing.

I have no reason for sadness, other than this wretched biology.

Myth and might, tripping twilight along with this scarlet beast inside.

I am my own lover and sister, betrayer and confidant, neither.

I’m trying to remember, my body is dying when I recall.

Sick and twisting in on myself.

Strangled by my web of lies and apparent unreal.

Save me, so I can re-break myself again.

There is meaning in the chaos.






Someone Somethings Somehow

Effloration 1952 2-XL

What is left to distribute ?

Caught in the specters for the readiness of Being

Someone somethings somehow

Entities conceived with fore-knowing

Following the proto-ontologies of desire

A scribble may manifest all my unconscious theological tendencies

I am a man unbecome Itself towards the restlessness of because

Ready-at-hand but at no one’s request or betrayal

It is all a flock of sheep and inside

The bitterness feels better when you start to realize why no one cares

Caught in the lustfulness of thought

Your body burnt into my memory





Wasn’t Is Naught


We was covered in sticks

Brambles from the garden


Untoothed and unlined

Lucifer triumphant but why would we do that ?

Antibodies in our bodies forever

A dead bible curse

Translation is heresy


And spelling is worse forever in the fog forever a dog chanting backwards god

Biting my tongue simple brand spilled tv

Do not beckon the no no no


Zero in the four caught in the court Kali in the bird’s nest

I still sing beneath the fallen towers of IO PAN

Scribble and spit nonsense onto the bark of the tree where Judas sung his last

Babalon, babble on annon anonymously quicker than the dead left undone


Someone’s sometime child playtime

Fairie fairground Christ pill swallower on the mend

I pretend to believe and dare to pretend






Constant Con+



There are cuts above my toes

Just below the bulge

I want this to all end in a good way the greatest of all

Does not sound like Because the knots do naught

Drag me to the tell tail signs in the skies

Behind my eyes read it in repeated muted verbs and the misanthropic

Principal allows me to become your pleasure and suicide

For on this morning we die in arms of pharmacological stranglings

Take me inside* and begin to un-fuck yourself

A new beginning we all knew would arise with the Light Bearers breathing

You are most beautiful but I share this enlightenment with no one

We are all deaf and blind anyway believing our own Concocting

Knowing full well of being unprepared and caught unawares

Just please re-record those phases and chord progressions

That mean so much to you and tell me


*Inside being the prayer cloister as we all know.

    Photo from Black Water, dark portraiture, fantasy portraits, Ophelia inspired photo shoot, Shakespearean themed photography Chilliwack BC Canada

Psycho-Mystic Dialogue

IMG_6449Everything is so serious

The world is coming to an end

With each passing moment

Let’s build a monument to all my failures

And ignore all my achievements

Nothing in particular for I am peculiar

Of the moments groaning on the besides

My own torments last to see the jumping

Reflections bending side winding then don’t trust

Yourself for no one and especially not me for

A hole in a wall tales will tell and mistake

Your confusion for a beloved sacred

Illusion She is a dancer and now no where

Found lost in my lies and saintly naive mysticism

Drab of magic and misery mystic Christ always becomes

Don’t worry forgive me as nothing becomes this



Uncategorized Hyperboles



It is raining outside.

So do not expect me to venture out much anymore.

Gut rot and heavenly musings.

There is no heaven, at least not for me.

I don’t believe in that shit, at least not anymore.

Reality is too real to try to blunt it with the abstract.

Yet here I am pounding my keyboard with vague eccentricism.

I won’t say what I really mean, so there will be no accounting.

Read whatever ye will into these here scribbles.

Every interpretation is profound and correct.

What am I really hitting at ?

A cry for help?  an inside joke, only those on the outside will truly comprehend and be greatly amazed ?

Fate, superstition or ontological terrorism ?

I am not sure, but whoever wrote the gospels also created the first question mark.

Jesus doesn’t exist, he is what you want god to be.

God doesn’t exist, he is what you want to be….